Mosquito Season


Description: Discover how outdoor activities are affected by the mosquito season. Find out practical facts about the spread of mosquitoes, including when mosquito season start and end, and tips on how to deal with mosquitoes, should you have a mosquito problem. 

Outdoor Activities: Mosquito Season

Mosquitoes are annoying pesky pests. They have the potential to hamper a good evening outing. Worse still, mosquitoes do not ever seem to be filled. They breed in hundreds and thousands every day and have varying degrees of bites depending on what location you reside in. But the most disturbing aspect of their annoying presence is that they do not stop at just biting. Every time you get bit by a mosquito, you are at serious risk of getting infected with close to a dozen different diseases. Statistics have that close to a million people die every year from mosquito bites. They spread diseases such as chikungunya, zika, dengue fever, and West Nile with a bite. 

So, we need to avoid them with great caution.

Typically, mosquitoes are most active during the summer period, meaning people ought to be on the lookout more often around that time. Sadly, this is the period in the year when most of us want to come out of our homes and enjoy the sceneries around us. From late fall through the whole of summer, we get bugged by these horrible pests; when we go camping, trying to enjoy a snack in the backyard with family, and even when we go hiking. To stay safe from mosquitoes, we need to know what to do when they are around. However, before we look at that, let`s review some essential facts about mosquitoes in general and how they affect us, including what time of the year and day they are most active. 

When Does Mosquito Season Start and End?

In New York, mosquitoes are typically active from April through October. In some other cities like Chicago, it may extend until November and beyond. In Mississippi, mosquito season is almost unpredictable as there is not enough cold to suppress their spread and survival. In Mississippi alone, there are about 60 different species of mosquitoes. However, very few of these transmit diseases. Nevertheless, we need to be wary of places with mosquitoes, especially when seeking outdoor activities for infants and toddlers. Mosquitoes are dangerous and should be treated as such. 

How Do I Stop A Mosquito Infestation Around Me?

According to experts, standing water is the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. Stagnant water should be done away with from your property; avoid having dirty pools, ditches, broken water pipes, and puddles around you. This alone eliminates the possibility of having eggs laid all over. After it rains, you probably want to quickly eliminate mosquitoes’ growth before embarking on any outdoor activities. 

This strategy should be number one on the list as a female mosquito can lay up to 600 eggs in as little as 10ml of standing water. In situations where you already have mosquitoes swarming, you can use sprays or outsource the task to a private mosquito extermination company to take care of it. In Mississippi, for instance, cities conduct state-wide elimination exercises, but this doesn`t go all the way to put an end to the existence of these pests. They grow rapidly and quickly spread around the neighborhood. 

What Time Of The Day Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Mosquitoes are most active during the evening, usually from late afternoon through the night to early hours of the day. Thy bite more during this time. Typically, in the afternoon, they are rarely seen around and may never bite. 

Should I Forgo Outdoor Activities During Mosquito Season?

Since you already understand when mosquitoes are most active, it becomes pertinent to schedule your outings with that understanding in mind. If you must take the kids out, getting appropriate coverings will help prevent bites from bloodthirsty mosquitoes. 

Which Is the Best Mosquito Repellents?

According to popular opinion, there are many effective options on the market, but DEET is about the most effective mosquito repellent. A repellent with about 30% DEET should be good enough for anyone. Others include citronella, skin so soft, lemon eucalyptus oil, picaridin, IR3535, etc. Basically, mosquito repellents help prevent mosquito bites and potential transmission of diseases such as the West Nile virus.

The best time to use a mosquito repellent is when between dusk and dawn, especially if you intend to step out of the house for outdoor activity. The mosquitoes that cause West Nile virus is often most active during this time. A mosquito repellent should also be used when you`re indoors. In situations when you`re not able to completely eradicate or eliminate their presence from your apartment, the repellent becomes really handy. 

Are There Natural Non-Chemical Mosquito Repellents?

Although synthetic repellents are relatively harmless to the skin, many still prefer to natural repellents. Studies have shown that some products containing botanical oils protect from mosquito bites. But, the drawback here is that they may not last as long as the synthetic ones. For instance, a product containing 26% of lemon eucalyptus oil only protects for up to 4 hours. So far, products containing DEET remains the best solution to the pests. It is toxic to them and harmless to human skin. Other natural repellents include lavender, thyme, cinnamon, soybean oil, Greek catnip, and lemon. 

How Can I Reduce the Risk Of getting Infected with Nile virus?

When mosquitoes are on a rampage, chances are they are already transmitting diseases from one person to another. As a protective measure, measure to shield yourself from infection, you can wear protective coverings, particularly between dusk and dawn. Also, avoid enclosed spaces, shaded or bushy areas, and reduce or minimize outdoor activities. The evening is their prime time, so precautions should be taken seriously. 

If Your City Spray Pesticides, What Can You Do?

If the authorities spray pesticides in your area, every person within that community is advised to stay indoors until the coast is clear. If you are asthmatic or allergic to chemicals, especially pesticides, you should remain indoors until the spraying is done, because stimulants such as pesticides can lead to attacks. Ensure that any household material such as toys, clothes, etc. is taken back inside to minimize contamination. 

If at all there were cloths and household materials that were touched by the sprays, these should be washed with soap and water before they are reused, 

What Can You Do Around Your Home To Reduce Exposure To Mosquitoes?

● As mentioned earlier, eliminate standing water from your surroundings.

● Also, clear up your drainages to ensure no eggs hatches or no larva does in the waters around you. 

● Remove all discarded tires and pipes from your vicinity. 

● Dispose of tins, cans, empty containers that might collect water in the neighborhood. 

● Chlorinate your pools. Pools are typically treated with disinfectants to eliminate infections. If this isn`t possible, then empty the pools. 

● Speak with your neighbors, if possible, to eliminate standing water and all possible breeding sites for mosquitoes from their vicinities. 

How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos Throughout The Summer

Having seen the damage that mosquitoes can do, it becomes pertinent to frown seriously at their existence around us. Although some preventive measures have been discussed above, you may need to incorporate as many more as necessary to ensure total elimination of the pesky pests from your living area.

Wear Protective Coverings

Avoid wearing dark clothes during the summer as research shows that mosquitoes are attracted to this type’s clothes. If you must take any event outside, be sure to wear long pants instead of shorts. Rainy day outdoor activities and outdoor activities for infants and toddlers should be taken indoors if possible. Children are most vulnerable to disease, and they must be outside during this period, use proper coverings fir them. Use netting to cover up line baby strollers. 

Avoid Sweet-smelling Frangrances

Sweet smells also attract mosquitoes to you. Hence, you want to switch to less sweet-smelling mosquitoes not to attract a blood feast on your skin. 

Close Doors And Windows 

Unless you want a party of mosquitoes to assemble at your home, you should keep your doors and windows shut. Make sure that you have screens put in place to limit their entrance into your apartment. If you must take your rest outside the house, remember to lie under a mosquito net. 

Use Professional Services

We know that controlling the multiplication of mosquitoes can be tiring and energy-draining. If the process proves too hard, perhaps you should engage the services of local pest control companies. Professionals know how best to get rid of mosquitoes, so do not hesitate to use their services should the need arise. 


The importance of eliminating mosquitoes from your neighbourhood is a matter that cannot be overemphasized. Mosquitoes are dangerous and must be done away with right before their eggs hatch. Aside from affecting our health, it poses a serious challenge to outdoor gatherings during the summer. Hence, if you must go out, be sure to wear the right kind of clothes. 

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